Quicksilver Quickare


Fuel Treatment for all grades of gas and ethanol blends




QUICKARE Fuel Treatment – 12oz. (355ml)
Quicksilver part no. 92-8M0079743
PETROL TREATMENT – Prevents break down of fuel.
Quickare is a fuel treatment that can be used at every fill up to:
Maximize engine performance with all grades of petrol
Helps control corrosion, gum and varnish build up and phase separation associated with ethanol blended fuel
Helps control moisture and corrosion problems associated with non ethanol blended fuel
Clean up existing varnish and gum deposits from fuel lines, tanks, carburetors and injectors, intake valves and spark plugs
Keep fuel fresh between fill ups for up to 3 months

Use in all 2 and 4 stroke carburetorand fuel injected marine petrol engines.
Can also be used in any non-marine engines.
Safe for catalyzed engines.

Contaminated fuel and fuel systems is a common cause running problems for all marine engines.
Use Quicksilver Quickare at every fill-up to keep fuel fresh and prevent separation of ethanol blended fuel.
1ml treats 1.28 Liters

12 oz. (355ml) Bottle
This one bottle will treat up to 120 US gal (454 litres).

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