Quicksilver Fuel Stabilizer


355ml bottle – Treats 221 Litres




Used to prevent fresh fuel from undergoing degradation and oxidation during fuel storage. During storage helps prevent formation of varnish and gum and keep fuel fresh longer, use during operation and it will dissolve gum and help to absorb moisture. Also helps to resist corrosion and extends plug life.

Now double concentrate – Treats up to 60 gallons 227L of fuel as a treatment and stabilizer. For use with 2 and 4 cycle engines. 12 fl. oz. 355ml plastic bottle. Quicksilver branded.

Fuel Stabilizer, now will be supplied under part number 92-8M0047922 automatically, this is a more concentrate Fuel System Treatment formulated for use all with the latest fuels especially Ethanol, still in a 12 fl oz bottle 355ml

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