Savior Battery trays

Savior battery trays from the US are designed to protect your battery from damaging shock and vibration. Shock and vibration are two leading causes of premature battery failure. A battery’s internal components are destroyed by shock and vibration. Existing battery hold-downs are ugly and don’t provide shock and vibration protection. Savior was specifically engineered to solve all of these problems. Built for performance and styled for various applications, Savior is the perfect addition to your boat. The Savior Universal Battery Tray comes in 2 sizes to fit a wide range of battery types. Each tray comes with a nylon strap and buckle for its tie down and each tray has a honeycomb base to capture any incidental battery acid leakage and contain it. Savior battery cases are purposely designed to fit the Optima battery range. All Savior battery cases have a top, middle and bottom die-cast aluminium plate, each case includes polished aluminium rods, polished hardware and shockstop mounts.

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