R.I.B.S. Marine is a family run business founded in 1969

Quicksilver Activ 555 Cabin

  • Whether you’re a seasoned lover of the cruising lifestyle or you’re just getting into it, the Activ 555 Cabin offers everything you’re looking for in a perfectly balanced all-rounder. The wide beam opens up all the versatility and freedom needed to create surprisingly spacious room in the cockpit as well as sleeping accommodation below deck in the bright, airy cabin. Throw in a sun pad to lay back and relax on and you’re all set to enjoy plenty of fun on the water.

  • Length 5.55 m
    Beam 2.47 m
    Total Weight Without Engine 815 kg
    Max Engine Weight 210kg
    Max Power 115 hp (85 kw)
    Draft 0.42 m
    Max Capacity 6
    CE Category C